"  I Use To...."         by  Bettyboo

I use to wait until I saw gas for .89
cents a gallon, before I'd fill up again.
I was so picky back then. Now if I make it
to the store and back without my truck going
'ding ding ding', I consider it a miracle.

I use to cut my grass with a gas mower and be
done with it. Now I use an electric weed whacker
and it takes forever.

Afterwards, my back hurts, my arms are numb,
my ankles are swollen and my creepy neighbor
is eyeing me like I'm the female version of
the second coming. (UGH !)

I use to buy chicken and not worry about the
growth hormones blowing me up like a foot ball
player on steroids.

Hell, back in the day, I could even eat 3
pieces of fried chicken, mashed potatoes
w/gravy and walk it off the next day.
Now it takes a year to recover from such

I use to give my doggies cabbage as a treat.
They got one big meal in the morning and pieces of cabbage later.

Now I treat myself to cabbage. I still
give them a big piece every now and then,
but not like before. Cabbage is now .46 cents
a lb. and my dogs don't have a j.o.b.

I pity people who love meat; steaks, beef,
pork and chicken. They have to take out a
third mortgage just to have a weekend barbecue.

I use to tell folk how to get rich buying and
selling real estate. Now I'm just glad to
have a roof over my head.

I use to dance all the time. "Give me the beat
boys to free my soul...And when my mind is free.."
Maybe that's it, my mind isn't free anymore.

I use to know things, but now I'm not so sure.
Maybe the cat is in the cradle and the silver
spoon did jump over the moon. I think I'll smoke
weed again. Things looked at lot better from that
angle. Or at least it use to.