“  Call  Jesse “             by Sistah 

Years ago, a white ex-friend of mine said she didn’t approve of
Jesse Jackson‘s politics. Ok, that was her right to approve or
disapprove, no problem there.               

However, when I asked her if she knew what Jesse’s political
views are, she didn’t know. Didn’t have a clue.

 It scares me when people judge, without having any knowledge
of the person or situation.  

Since she travels a lot, this is what I told her;

God forbid that she ever becomes a hostage! But if that did
happen,  I wouldn’t call the ‘people’ she trusts. The people she
believes in, have a policy of letting American hostages die,
rather than negotiate for their release.

I told her that I would call Jesse Jackson to make sure she
was released!

When she gets back on American soil, she could kiss the ground
if she wanted too, that was her right.  

But I’d be kissing Jesse Jackson’s butt!

The reporters would say, “Rev. Jackson, why is that woman’s
lips on your butt?”

Jesse would turn around and say, “I don’t know, but Keep Hope Alive!”