by  Steven LeBrowski   

I signed up for an on-line dating services. In my short profile, I outlined
who I am and what I wanted in a lady. No smoking, no negative behavior,
no gossips.

The first 2 ladies to respond, were in fact cigarette smokers, who pledged
to quit if we got to know each other. No thanks.

One lady seemed nice in a few emails, so we talked by phone a couple times.
The next time we talked, she was actually gossiping about her co-worker!
She was putting vicious, negative bull shit in my head, about someone
I didn't even know !

I politely cut her off and ended our conversation. A few days later, I sent
her an email, 
saying I didn't think she read my profile and that we didn't
eem compatible.  I  reminded her that my profile said I enjoy intelligent
conversation, absolutely no gossips, no negative behavior.

Well, she sent me an email back and she was very upset ! She lit into me !

She accused me of only wanting a POSITIVE relationship!