" What message does it send? "     by Kelly Beheath


I'm tired of athletes getting arrested, killing dogs and being stupid!
I'm equally as sick of rap singers getting arrested. They make millions
of dollars, but all
they can do is commit crimes? WTF?

Now that the Steelers have won the Super Bowl, the headlines are
startling and I wonder what message it sends to black kids in particular.

"Steelers wide receiver Santonio Holmes, hauled in the defining catch
of the Super Bowl. Holmes, who once sold drugs on a street corner in

south Florida, led Pittsburgh to its record sixth Super Bowl title with a
win over the Cardinals."

Does this say you can sell drugs, then become a celebrated athlete?
Full disclosure is a good thing sometimes, but in this case, less is 
Instead of saying he use to be a drug dealer, they could have said he
overcame a troubled youth. I'm afraid that impressionable kids, who

look up to this dude, will think it's ok to sell drugs and kill your own
people, as long as you become a sports figure afterwards. Or a rap singer

like Jay-Z who sold drugs, killed his own people and got famous for dong so!

The truth is, only a tiny number of people become star athletes or
well paid rap singers. Selling drugs is not the way to stardom.
It's the door to death
and nothing more.

Since the media told the world that he use to be a drug dealer,
I hope Santonio Holmes will tell his story and beg kids not to sell
drugs. We can only hope it help kids make the right decision.

And if these athletes and rap singers need something exciting to do, other
then commit crimes, adopt a school in their home towns. Pay the teachers 
some of their millions. Pay for counselors, community centers that will 
help kids overcome difficult childhoods and help parents be better parents.  

If you make $130,000,000. 00, there are endless ways you can make a
huge difference in the lives of many. Going to prison for killing dogs is
not one of them!